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Welcome to the first of our monthly blog posts from the team here at Intepik.

Every month we will share with you news and insights about things that we (and hopefully you) find interesting and useful.

To kick things off we felt there was no better time to introduce our new company name and provide some detail around why the change from Sundog to Intepik, what the name means to us as a business and how we ultimately landed on Intepik as the correct name for us.


So, why change the name to Intepik?

The name change was driven primarily by our desire to ‘reboot’ the company having recently become independent. Having moved on from previous joint ventures, we felt this offered the ideal opportunity to re-introduce ourselves to the market as an independent company, operating under the name Intepik.


How did you decide on the name Intepik?

When establishing the company originally, Intepik was one of a number of names being considered along with Sundog. Once we decided to re-name ourselves we re-visited the original list of names and decided that Intepik suited the business and also helped to capture a little of our personality.

In addition to being short and snappy we also felt the name Intepik holds subtle connotations of being Intrepid and epic! Plus being unique it also helps to set us apart from the rest of the market both on and offline.