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Simplifying IT Empowering Businesses

Intepik are a Microsoft specialist providing consultancy and support,

assisting companies of all sizes, in diverse industry sectors.

Managed IT & IT Support

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A core element to the smooth-running of any business is a reliable and robust IT infrastructure. Our job at Intepik is to ensure that IT remains operational, and that computer issues don’t consume time and productivity. IT is essential to any company – from small businesses with a handful of staff, up to multinationals employing tens of thousands of staff – everyone is reliant on fast, functioning and always-available IT.

Intepik provides tailored IT support to our clients, from businesses who prefer the occasional “light touch” on-demand assistance, and scaling upwards to those who prefer to outsource all their IT functions to our team of engineers.

Our clients can expect proactive monitoring and maintenance of their IT infrastructure, regardless of whether the infrastructure is located on-site, in the cloud, or a mix of the two. We work to ensure that IT is operational at all times, but will also provide 24/7 support whenever a problem arises.

Network & Infrastructure Deployments

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Networks and infrastructure are the essential backbone of any IT system, but the myriad of technologies and options can make it difficult to decipher an optimal setup for any company. From on-site servers and network switches, to virtualised infrastructure, up to services that run on “the cloud” – planning and deploying an IT infrastructure can seem like a nuanced black art.

Our technical team at Intepik have had over 17 years of experience in deploying enterprise-level networks and infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. We bring a pragmatic attitude to matching the best technology – whether on-site or in the cloud – to meet the business requirements of any organisation. We look at the practical business needs first, before planning an infrastructure that best fulfils those requirements.

Clients can be reassured that the infrastructure being deployed into their businesses is fit-for-purpose, designed and rolled out by professionals who are formally certified to work with those technologies. Regardless of whether clients are a small business start-up looking for their first company network, or an established company with existing infrastructure supporting hundreds of users – we’ll collaborate to ensure any deployments/upgrades provide value for money and meet the business needs.

Let us know about your network and infrastructure requirements by dropping us a quick email or giving us a call today!

IT Consultancy

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Technology evolves at a blistering (or intimidating!) pace, often bringing innovative new ways of working and collaborating whilst reducing capital costs and ongoing expenditure.  Businesses strive to become more connected, allowing employees to access any information from any device, anywhere. Behind the scenes, companies are choosing to move their data onto the cloud to provide easier access to staff whilst securing data against loss or theft. 

Intepik strives to be at the cutting edge of technology – sometimes “eating our own dogfood” (as the phrase goes) by running versions of software months before general release. By staying at the forefront of technology, our consultants are well-placed to give advice and insight to clients about the latest hardware, software and services that can be deployed to transform the use of IT – or to improve the bottom line! 

Whether our clients are looking to solve a business challenge or wish to adopt a new technology – we’ll be able to assist with planning, deploying, training and even financing a solution which adds value to the organisation and its staff. 

About Us

Here at Intepik, we’re a geeky bunch. Totally, unabashedly geeky. Seriously – we get excited whenever Microsoft releases a major update to Windows, and positively hyperventilate every time Intel announces a new generation of processors!

However, we understand that most of our clients aren’t like us. They just want IT to run reliability in your business, as well as wanting your business to run better on IT.

Our role is to navigate the fine line between technology and business needs. We know businesses don’t buy new servers and upgrade software just for the sake of it; businesses want to adopt new technologies to help lower costs, modernise the workplace, enable staff, and collaborate with partners.

Our goal is to understand what your company, your teams and your staff need to achieve – then to map out the best technology options to get them there. We’re keen to help you discover the right tools for the job, as well as to ensure your employees are ready to adopt those tools.

If you’re based in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire and are interested in stress-free IT, then drop us an email or give us a quick call today!

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